Shipping policy

Due to reduced flights and disruptions caused by COVID-19
-There are a lot of flight reductions and disruptions, so it may take more days than stated, but please take your time and wait!
- There are some countries where the prices are outrageously high and the options are shipping by ship, which takes a long time.We apologize for the inconvenience, especially to those of you in Brazil, Italy.

All orders are shipped from Hyogo Japan within 1-3 business days of receiving payment except weekends and Japanese public holidays as they do not offer pick up service for the weekends and public holidays.
During busy holiday season, please allow us to take 3 to 5 business days for dispatch.
Free international shipping for purchases over US$100. (US$300 for India)
Free shipping in Japan for purchases over 3000 yen.

We use JAPAN POST or Yamato Transport or UPS to deliver our products.
All packages can be tracked with a tracking number.

You can see the shipping rates and delivery options on the checkout screen.
The list of fees is below.

US                 15$
  (delivery time: about 2 weeks)
Canada          20$  (delivery time: about 1 week)

Brazil             9$    (delivery time: about 2-3 month)
    *Sorry, due to COVID-19 we can only send to Brazil by sea.(As of December 21, 2021)
France           21$   (delivery time: about 7 days)
Germany       21$   (delivery time: about 7 days)
Italy               9$    (delivery time: about 2-3 month)
    *Sorry, due to COVID-19 we can only send to Italy by sea.(As of December 21, 2021)
Ireland           7$    (delivery time: about 7 days)
England         21$  (delivery time: about 7 days)
Belgium         21$  (delivery time: about 7 days) 
Switzerland    7$   (delivery time: about 7 days)

Australia         12$ (delivery time: about 2 weeks)
NewZeaLand  7$   (delivery time: about 7 days)
Singapore       6$   (delivery time: about 4 days)
Thai                 6$   (delivery time: about 7 days)
Philippines      6$   (delivery time: about 2 weeks)
India               51$  (delivery time: about 1 week)

Thaiwan          6$   (delivery time: about 1 week)
HongKong      6$   (delivery time: about 1 week)
Korea              6$   (delivery time: about 1 week)
Macau            6$   (delivery time: about 1 week)
China              6$   (delivery time: about 10 days)
Japan             198yen (delivery time: about 2 days)