New Arrivals and Restocks from Hutte Paper Works♡

Washi tape, Tracing Paper sticky notes, die-cut message cards, a label book in collaboration with Oedaletterpress, and letterpress letter writing sets are now available from Hutte Paper Works.
My favorite letterpress memo pads are also back in stock.
This time around, the products are also, soooo cute.
The washi tape is so cute with its austere coloring, and I was wowed when I saw it in person.
The BLUE FLORAL series sticky notes and letter sets also have the best combination of paper quality and colors.
The letterpress items still have the same great feel to the touch, etc. If you are interested in these items, please take a look.
This product is for overseas residents, so if you live in Japan, please purchase from the event or Hutte Paper Works' online store.

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