"teru teru bozu" made by my children

These are the products we sent to Canada one day.
The packaging was simple because the products were beautifully designed.
The packaging changes depending on our mood🙂
We put them in a thin cardboard box and sent them.
Due to the COVID-19, flights are being cut back now, and delivery may take more than twice the prescribed time😭
Please take your time and wait for it to arrive.
Also, since the COVID-19 has increased the cost of shipping, our website offers two shipping methods: one with no tracking and one with tracking.
In the case of no tracking, we cannot confirm that the item has arrived, so we would appreciate it if you could tag us on instagram to let us know🥰
We are gradually increasing the number of supported currencies and shipping countries, so please check out our store for more information.
Do you know what a "teru teru bozu" is?
In Japan, children make them out of tissue paper on days when they don't want it to rain, hoping for sunshine.
My kids made them, but nowadays it's too hot every day, maybe rain is good once in a while😆

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