About US

Welcom to my shop "PAPER SHOP JAPAN" !


This is ASUKA, living with my lovely husband and three children in JAPAN.

I've worked for IT Company for 17 years. I love my company and my Job. But every day very very busy..

So after giving birth to a third child, I decided to prioritize time with my family. But I also still want to work as much as possible.! Therefore, I opened this EC shop "PAPER SHOP JAPAN" in May 2021.

 I love to go traveling abroad. I've traveled to 25 countries. I love to communicate with people from all over the world. So I want to introduce Japanese culture through selling Japan paper item in this EC shop "PAPER SHOP JAPAN" ! Japanese flower, Scenery of the four seasons, and so on..I will continue to grow this site carefully and politely, introducing the works of my favorite artists.

I used to work digitally, so why sell analog paper items?
In this digital age, I like the warmth of being able to directly convey my heart and thoughts through text.
For those of you who haven't been able to meet your loved ones due to the coronavirus, why don't you write a letter?

I hope you can find something you love at this shop. Thank you.